State Fossil Emblem nominations - Pelagnoris

Vote for your favourite fossil to become the State's Fossil Emblem.

A fossilised bone of a flying creature. it is pale brown in colour. Set against a pink background.

Museums Victoria: State Fossil Emblem nominations

Vote for your favourite fossil to become the State's Fossil Emblem!

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Museums Victoria is excited to invite the people of Victoria to cast their vote in selecting a candidate for a state fossil emblem.

State emblems are a way of celebrating the unique and amazing natural heritage of our part of the world.

Victoria has these emblems already: helmeted honeyeater (bird), Leadbeater's possum (animal), weedy seadragon (marine animal), common heath (flora) and gold (mineral), but does not yet have a fossil emblem.

Introducing the Pelagornis

Pelagornis was an ocean-going bird, with a wingspan twice the size of a living albatross – 6 metres wide. Its lineage roamed the world’s skies from just after the extinction of the dinosaurs until about 2.5 million years ago.

It captured prey in a beak over 30 cm long that was studded with spiky projections of bone that provided the same function as teeth.

Most fossils of Pelagornis worldwide are found in rocks that once formed on the floor of shallow coastal seas. Along the southern coast of Victoria, including inside Port Phillip, the oceans of the past 25 million years are preserved in rock layers.

The 5-million-year-old fossils of Pelagornis from bayside Beaumaris, Victoria were discovered more than 150 years after it was first named and proved this bird had a worldwide distribution.

Voting closes 4 October 2021

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