Threatened Species of the North East

Victoria Nature Festival

Learn about the Mountain Pygmy-possum and the Regent Honeyeater, two threatened species in North East Victoria.

The Mountain Pygmy-possum.
Experts will share their extensive knowledge and conservation experiences from the bush to the mountains during an interactive Q&A session, including new findings from Mountain Pygmy-possum research and some of the biggest challenges faced by the Regent Honeyeater. 
A Regent Honeyeater pair.
Photograph by Dean Ingwersen

Guest speakers: 

Dean Heinze – a consultant at Ecology Links and a leading Mountain Pygmy-possum researcher who has been studying the species for more than 20 years. 

Dean Ingwersen – leader of the Regent Honeyeater Recovery program at BirdLife Australia. He is also an author and award-winning photographer. 

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