Track Moths to save a species

Victoria Nature Festival

Zoos Victoria's Moth Tracker is a citizen science initiative, run with SWIFFT, encouraging people to upload their Bogong moth sightings for verification.

Hand holding a mobile phone with the Moth Tracker website on screen.
Anyone who sees a Bogong Moth is being asked to take a photograph and log the location, day, and time with Moth Tracker.

Scientists will use the data to determine whether any moths are making their way to the precious, and very hungry, Mountain Pygmy-possums that are just starting to wake from their winter hibernation. 

The easy-to-use platform, accessible through any laptop or smartphone, allows everyday Australians to photograph and log any potential sightings of migrating Bogong Moths, which are the main food source for the critically endangered Mountain Pygmy-possums when they wake up in spring. 

Bogong Moths have migrated from their winter breeding grounds throughout Queensland, New South Wales and western Victoria, to the Victorian and NSW alpine region where the Mountain Pygmy-possums live, for more than 7,000 years - a known ecological phenomenon. However, in recent years, moth numbers have crashed from around 4.4 billion in alpine areas to an almost undetectable number of individuals. 
Moth Tracker is a simple and practical way for everyday Australians to join the fight to save these tiny, adorable and very precious Mountain Pygmy-possums. Moth Tracker will provide scientists with real-time data that will be contributing to saving a species. 

Upload your Bogong Moth sighting