Visual tour of the Western District Lakes

Victoria Nature Festival

Come along for a visual tour of the Ramsar-listed Western District Lakes.

mage of the Ramsar listed Western District lakes at sunset
Come along for a visual tour of the Ramsar listed Western District Lakes, taking you on a tour of the otherwise hard to access natural wonders.  

The Western District Lakes Ramsar Site was listed in 1982. This complex consists of nine lakes between Camperdown and Winchelsea on the Victorian Volcanic Bioregion.

These lakes include Lake Corangamite, Lake Beeac, Lake Bookar, Lake Colongulac, Lake Cundare, Lake Gnarpurt, Lake Murdeduke, Lake Terangpom, and Milangil Lake.

The lakes are a mixture of fresh and saline and rainfall/runoff and groundwater-fed systems. 

This video is a combination of spectacular drone and ground visuals, the viewer will experience the visual beauty of the lakes system which provides a habitat for internationally significant bird species. 


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