Wellbeing and nature school webinar

Victoria Nature Festival

A recorded webinar promoting the health benefits of nature and ideas for mindfulness with Ranger Nita and community health expert Nicola.

Three children and a male caregiver playing by a forested river on the roots of a tall tree.
Looking for new ways to tune into nature?

During Nature Play Week 2021, Parks Victoria's community health experts, Ranger Nita McIntrye, and Community Activation Officer, Nicola Shadbolt shared how time in nature is beneficial to our wellbeing and described some forest therapy techniques that can help students become more mindful.

Watch the webinar recording and complete the suggested activities to practice your mindfulness.

You might want to draw your favourite place in nature and describe how it makes you feel, or even get out into your local green space to do some forest bathing or make some beautiful nature perfume.

Tune in to the Q&A at the end of the webinar to learn about the wellbeing wonderings of other students around Victoria.