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WhaleFace is a platform that lets anyone contribute to the conservation of Southern Right Whales in south-east Australia.

Southern Right Whales in the water

By submitting your sightings and photos of Southern Right Whale faces, you will be helping researchers monitor and protect this Endangered species. 

Whale Face Volunteer photographers, people looking at images on a camera
Photo credits: Southern Right Whales in the water by B.McPherson.

We call this project WhaleFace because it is the unique patterns of white features (called callosities) on the Southern Right Whale’s head that help us identify and follow individual whales.

The collection of whale faces captured help us to monitor Southern Right Whale movements, breeding patterns and trends in the south-east Australian population. 

Join WhaleFace to submit your sightings and learn more about our research. 

Register here to submit whale sightings and upload photos. While we rely on photos and sighting information for our research, anyone is welcome to join the WhaleFace community and stay up to date with this important project.

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