Picnic plus!

Rhiannon James

Ideas and activities to make your post-lockdown picnic perfect – and easy!

This image shows a picnic spread out on a white checked cloth. There are strawberries, sliced oranges and kiwi fruits, and lots of different types of cheese.
18 Oct 2021
Last updated
19 Oct 2021
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Rhiannon James

Let the picnicking begin!

From 11.59pm this Thursday 21 October, restrictions ease, and outdoor gatherings can expand to 15 people for Metro Melbourne, and up to 20 people in regional Victoria.

Make your post-lockdown picnic extra special, while keeping things simple, with these ideas and activities.

Image shows a floral orange blanket sitting atop some grass. There are a couple of books, one open with a pair of sunglasses sitting on the page, another pair are neatly folded on top of the other closed book. There is a bowl of bright strawberries, half a baguette, a pair of sandals and a straw hat in the corner.
Have your music ready

The right soundtrack makes all the difference. The playlists right here from RISING are just the thing to ease everyone into socialising again, with their chilled atmosphere and summery vibes.

A person with long hair dances outside. They are silhouetted against the sun.
Food for any mood

Don’t stress about packing the ideal picnic to please everyone. Let your crew pick for themselves and support local businesses at the same time. You can find local legends in your area with our guide to getting your picnic fix from local cafes and restaurants.

A group of people eat takeaway outside.
Consider all abilities

When planning your picnic spot, make it a good choice for everyone. Take a look at the All Abilities Walks Series for wheelchair-accessible and stroller-friendly walks in parks near you.

This image shows a person sitting in a wheelchair on a quiet street. The person is facing away from the camera.
Make it mindful

You won’t be the only one feeling a little overwhelmed at finding yourself in a social situation again. Focusing on your surroundings can help.

Why not try having an activity on hand for kids and adults alike? The Aussie Backyard Bird Count by Birdlife Australia encourages you to look around and share what you see. Oh, and it’s fine if you’re taking part from further afield than your backyard!

Be in the moment, and enjoy it to the full!  

This image shows a cockatoo in a tree.

To stay up to date on restrictions in your area, visit the Coronavirus website.