Plan a fun day for your kids at home

Mapped out over the day, this timeline of activities and resources will keep the kids busy from breakfast to lights out.
We've lined up a list of activities to keep kids entertained and engaged throughout the day, so you can continue doing what you need to do.

Mapped out over the day, this timeline of activities and resources will keep the kids busy from breakfast to lights out.

Morning: get creative

It's the start of the day, everyone is buzzing and energy levels are high.

This is the best time to get the kids deeply engaged in a project that could leave them engrossed until lunchtime! 

Whether it's painting or pottery, there is something so satisfying about getting creative, sprawling your current project and tools across the family dining table, and seeing what comes to life.

Here are a few options depending on what your little ones are most interested in.

Activities for film buff kids

Have you got a budding filmmaker at home? ACMI has a whole range of activities and resources that your future director can sink their teeth into.

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ACMI Film it group looking into camera

Lunchtime: eat and play

After sitting still for a few hours, engrossed in their creative projects, no doubt there is some reserved energy that needs to be let out!

Get the kids in the kitchen to help you whip up a snack, then send them outside for some vitamin D and to expel some energy.

Cooking with Love

Your kids will enjoy making (and eating!) these delicious recipes inspired by science, culture, and history; brought to you with love from the Museums Victoria family.

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Afternoon: explore, learn, discover

While now might not be time for an intricate maths lesson, that doesn't mean there's not an opportunity to learn.

Now is the perfect time to let your kids explore and learn at their own pace on a topic they enjoy.

Pre-dinner: wind-down time

The kids have had a great day at home, and a productive one too.

Now, it's the home stretch! 

We've got a few things that will keep the kids busy before dinner hits the table.


LOLSquad is made up of 14-18 year old actors, comedians and artists and they want to put on a show for you at home! Tune in for some laugh-out-loud action from these young and emerging funny people. ...

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Evening: time to relax

You did it!

You got through the day, the kids learned a new skill, got creative on a project, or made a new recipe they can try again with you.

Time to unwind. Whether you're ready for some meditation and mindfulness, or something to watch, we have a few ideas you might like.

So relax, pat yourself on the back for a successful day at home.

If you're looking forward to the kids going back to school so you can get some peace and quiet, the best thing you can do is get vaccinated. To book your appointment, or to find out when your children may be eligible, visit the coronavirus website.