Public and independent galleries you have to visit

We've put together lists of galleries to visit this summer, no matter what side of Melbourne you're on!
The arts and cultural industries have been hard hit during these last two years.

Some spaces have closed for good, other spaces have moved homes and some have gone online.   

As galleries and art spaces reopen, now is a great time to reacquaint ourselves with art and culture and show galleries and artists some love.  

We take a look at independent, public, not-for-profit, artist-run initiatives and council galleries across Melbourne and have put some lists together for you.  

We have prepared several lists of spaces that may be familiar to some and new to others, that are worth a visit this summer and beyond.  

Select your area or explore somewhere new and discover new galleries and art spaces. 

It may pay to double check each venues details for gallery hours in case of any changes or closed times during the xmas break. Details are correct at time of publishing.

Collingwood Yards

In the heart of Collingwood, is a thriving arts community, bustling with activity. Visit galleries, studios, cafes, radio stations and more!

Art hub in Collingwood
This image is a photo overlooking the Collingwood Yards. The photo is taken from a high vantage point and captures a gathering of people in the day time.

Galleries in Melbourne CBD

As well as Melbourne's art precinct, the CBD is home to many art spaces, found in subways, vitrines and up elevator's.

galleries in Melbourne's CBD
This image is a hoto of artwork by Louise Paramour in one of the Assembly Point Vitrines. The work includes various objects including a white bear on ists back with a pink children's basketball hoop on top, a white chair balancing a red object and a black snake balanced on top of it and a gorilla with a yellow children's rocking toy on top of it.