Bendigo Discovery Centre presents Small Science

Bendigo Discovery Centre brings you Small Science, a series of STEM related videos that will help get young children interested in science.

Image of a scientist olugging a cardboard robot into a battery pack

Bendigo Discovery Science & Technology Centre brings you Small Science, hosted by Early Years Program Developer, Dana Twycross. 

In this series, Dana explores a range of resources, topics and ideas that you can use to help get your kids interested in science and discovery. 

This series is great for teachers and parents alike, and can help make science for young people accessible, and fun! 

Through this series you will grow an understanding on how to encourage curiosity through asking questions, exploring water and the natural environment to understand how things work, and encouraging learning through play. 

About the Bendigo Discovery Science & Technology Centre 

The Discovery Science & Technology Centre is a not for profit incorporated association. Officially established on 31 October 1995, Discovery was Australia’s first science and technology centre outside of a major metropolitan area. 

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