Stay entertained at home

If you've exhausted all options on your streaming services, we've got you covered.

Being bored at home isn't fun for anyone, so let us help you out.

Whether it's some live music, comedy, or just something to binge-watch on the couch. Sometimes you just want to escape while watching something you enjoy.

So, quit channel-surfing, jump out of that YouTube hole of cats riding skateboards, and check out our list of entertaining content you can sink your teeth into.

For those in need of a laugh

Melbourne International Comedy Festival has just released some of the best shows from the 2021 festival, available to watch on iview. 

Chuckle the day away to some of Australia's most seasoned comedians and up and comers.

For those after a quiet weekend

If you're welcoming a quiet weekend with open arms, and have run out of Netflix recommendations - fear not!

We have you covered with a few new picks to watch. 

Your doona day watch list

Some days you just need to sit on the couch and have a rest. We get it! But you don't want to be stuck channel surfing for something to watch, so why not try one of these picks instead!

Find something to watch

Live music at home

There's no denying live music has been a real victim in the COVID-19 pandemic, from sell-out shows at amphitheatres, to open mic nights being stung by venue restrictions and the lockdowns of 2020.

So how can you get your live music fix at home? After the success of the State of Music last year, we have a few new series that will keep you entertained at home.

Dim the lights in your loungeroom, set up your TV stream, and get ready to enjoy some of Victoria's best and emerging acts.

FCAC Music

FCAC Music is a platform for showcasing exceptional diverse talent from Melbourne’s western suburbs and beyond.

Watch the series
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