Club Conversations with Climbing QTs

Climbing is for everybody no matter what body you have. Try something new and different, make great friends, learn new skills, and build your confidence regardless of your skill level. 

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Proud 2 Play presents Club Conversations

Club Conversations introduces you to five Victorian sport and recreation clubs for the LGBTIQ+ community, where people can get active and build social connections in an open and safe space.

2 minutes

Proud 2 Play introduces you to the members of Victorian LGBTIQ+ rock climbing club Climbing QTs, so you can hear what they love about their club and community.

Climbing QTs is a Melbourne-based, LGBTQ rock climbing club. Running for three years now, the club's focus is to get people into climbing, get them outdoors, and supporting the LGBTQ community. 

Climbing QT members range in experience and fitness levels, they say they love the club because it is accepting of all abilities, identities, interests - they welcome everyone. 

If you want to know more about Climbing QTs, you can find them on  Instagram and Facebook .


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