Phoenix 4 Health

A behind-the-scenes look at how local NBL team South Eastern Melbourne Phoenix approach good physical health and wellbeing.

Image of South East Melbourne Phoenix Mitch Creek spinning a bball

Join the South Eastern Melbourne Phoenix NBL team and discover how to maintain positive physical and mental wellbeing through simple healthy ideas, tips and tricks.

In each episode, you'll meet a new athlete and their team of health experts, learn about their wellbeing strategy, and hear insightful reflections from the athlete's perspective on the challenges they face and how they stay motivated playing professional sport.

After this series, you will learn how to make healthier, more informed food choices, build healthy relationships and have open, honest conversations, improve your mental wellbeing, and build a daily routine to help you lead a more active lifestyle.

Keep an eye out for the familiar surroundings of John Cain Arena in Melbourne – the home of the Phoenix.

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