Phoenix 4 Health - Healthy Diet

Meet sports Dietitian Lisa Middleton and South East Melbourne Phoenix's shooting guard, Cam Gliddon as they talk tips for eating a healthy diet.

Cam Gliddon from South Eastern Melbourne Phoenix in action on the court

Phoenix 4 Health

A behind-the-scenes look at how local NBL team South Eastern Melbourne Phoenix approach good physical health and wellbeing.

4 minutes

Join the South Eastern Melbourne Phoenix NBL team and discover how to maintain positive physical and mental wellbeing through simple healthy ideas, tips, and tricks.

There are lots of little steps you can take to eating a more balanced diet that's going to sustain you for longer, so you can get more out of your day. 

Sports Dietitian Lisa Middleton offers some pointers on improving your nutrition, as well as some of the optimal foods for athletes in order to fuel their bodies.

Shooting guard, Cam Gliddon tells you why eating a healthy balanced diet is important to him on and off the court.


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