Phoenix 4 Health - Healthy Routines

Hear from South East Melbourne Phoenix's High-Performance Manager, and player Kendall Stephens about how a daily routine can decrease stress and improve performance.

Kendal Stephens from South Eastern Melbourne Phoenix on the court

Phoenix 4 Health

A behind-the-scenes look at how local NBL team South Eastern Melbourne Phoenix approach good physical health and wellbeing.

4 minutes

Join the South Eastern Melbourne Phoenix NBL team and discover how to maintain positive physical and mental wellbeing through simple healthy ideas, tips, and tricks.

A daily routine can decrease stress and improve performance.

According to South East Melbourne Phoenix Basketball team, Eric Hollingsworth, a good routine can be the difference between a winning match, and an on-court struggle.

Phoenix player Kendall Stephens says he feels his best and performs at his best when he goes into a game prepared and has stuck to his routine of a good diet and a good night's sleep.

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