Phoenix 4 Health - Sleep and Recovery

We can all be a bit grumpy after a late night, but a good sleep routine is also important for brain function and muscle recovery.

South Eastern Melbourne Phoenix Kyle Adnam on the court

Phoenix 4 Health

A behind-the-scenes look at how local NBL team South Eastern Melbourne Phoenix approach good physical health and wellbeing.

4 minutes

Join the South Eastern Melbourne Phoenix NBL team and discover how to maintain positive physical and mental wellbeing through simple healthy ideas, tips, and tricks.

Sleep can be a crucial factor in recovery for an athlete, but it's so beneficial for those of us that just want to get more out of our day too. 

According to South East Melbourne Phoenix's Strength and Conditioning Coach Will Blake, sleep can rejuvinate your muscles, your brain, and it lowers risk of injury. 

When Point Guard Kyle Adnam started playing professional basketball, he saw straight away how much his sleep impacted his daily performance.


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