Proud 2 Play presents Club Conversations

Club Conversations introduces you to five Victorian sport and recreation clubs for the LGBTIQ+ community, where people can get active and build social connections in an open and safe space.

hands huddling together with an lgbtq wristband
Proud 2 Play introduces you to the members of five different Victorian LGBTIQ+ sporting clubs, so you can hear what they love about their club and community.

There are a number of LGBTIQ+ sport and recreation clubs in Victoria that provide great opportunities for members of the LGBTIQ+ community to get active and build social connections.

From beginners to advanced players, each of these clubs offer a friendly and welcoming space for everyone, with the social element being just as important as the game itself for each club.

you make friends for life when you get involved in a sporting club.

About Proud 2 Play

Proud 2 Play focuses on increasing LGBTI+ engagement in sport, exercise, and active recreation.

They work with all levels of the sporting community, from individual participants and grassroots communities, to state and national sporting organisations. They seek to encourage LGBTI+ people (as well as their allies, friends, and families) to participate and engage in sport and exercise by providing structured opportunities and pathways for them to do so.


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