Show Us You Can Play: Calisthenics

Calisthenics is a sport that creates confident performers and creates lifelong friendships. Kelly and the team at K&K Calisthenics are all-inclusive and support people with all abilities to have a go.

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Show Us You Can Play! is a series of uplifting stories featuring inspirational people who are living proof that participating in sport and recreation is a right for all Victorians.

“I got involved in calisthenics because my mother wanted to build my confidence and she was told by a friend to try out this sport she knew nothing about, and it certainly worked for me.”

Calisthenics is a sport that creates confident performers and creates lifelong friendships. It's an artistic sport that involves participants performing choreographed routines to music.

Calisthenics is made up of a number of disciplines, including gymnastics, ballet, singing, acting, marching and jazz, hip-hop, and contemporary dance, where pupils learn between 4-6 different routines and compete at local and state competitions.

“I have seen calisthenics help others in so many ways, definitely confidence, definitely the ability to try new things without judgement, definitely able to grow as a person and to build those skills in life,” says Kelly from K&K Calisthenics.

K&K Calisthenics is an all-inclusive club for girls, boys, and ladies with a vision and mission to inspire and support pupils whilst promoting teamwork, confidence, and self-esteem within an active, safe and fun-filled environment.  

For the coaches, it gives the ability “to build awareness, tell them how much you love it, tell them what you get out of it because they are looking for the same thing.”

“We’re all-inclusive at K&K. We all work as a team. They are supported by every girl in that team and certainly by every coach, and they bring us a lot of joy as coaches.”

Being a family club that is supported by some amazing volunteers makes it a tremendous experience for everyone to “get into class, really have a bit of fun, then challenge yourself, feel like you’ve achieved new things.”

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