Tuned In - Rehila Hydari

Rehila shares her journey of self-growth and self-love as she navigates through this new world of COVID normal.

Artwork by Rehilia Hydari

Tuned In

A series produced by the youth of CMY, sharing their connections with sport and mental health.

7 Episodes

Rehila has learned through the COVID-19 pandemic that life isn't meant to be fast-paced, that it's good to slow down and enjoy the simple things in life.

Throughout the weird year of 2020, Rehila found happiness in the small, everyday things - like beautiful sunlight coming through her window, or a new flower budding on the plants in her room. COVID has taught Rehila to pay more attention to her own needs and practise a little more self-love, instead of putting everyone before herself.

Produced by the youth of CMY.

The Centre for Multicultural Youth (CMY)  has been facilitating youth participation in sport for over 20 years. They work closely with sports clubs and organisations in Victoria, with the aim of creating a sector that is more accessible, inclusive and responsive to the needs of young people from diverse backgrounds.

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