Tuned In - Semin Sadiqi

Semin has always enjoyed walking. It helps her to experience and think about all the good things in life, and she enjoys every second of it.

freeze frame Semin walking with the word 'walking' over the frame

Tuned In

A series produced by the youth of CMY, sharing their connections with sport and mental health.

4 minutes

Semin came to Australia from Afghanistan two years ago. While Semin has never really played sport, she has walked many kilometres in her life, but not always for fitness and fun.

In the COVID-19 pandemic, Semin started walking again with her Mum, because she was sick of being stuck at home. 

“We do not need to do extensive exercise all time to be fit. Walking helps me to experience and think about so many good things in life and enjoy every second of it.  

Walking has made me who I am today – healthy, both mentally and physically and most importantly, educated. If I could do something, I am sure you can do that as well!” -  Semin Sadiqi.


Produced by the youth of CMY.

The Centre for Multicultural Youth (CMY)  has been facilitating youth participation in sport for over 20 years. They work closely with sports clubs and organisations in Victoria, with the aim of creating a sector that is more accessible, inclusive and responsive to the needs of young people from diverse backgrounds.

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