The best of regional Victoria

See what regional Victoria has to offer before you plan your next day trip, family holiday or mini getaway.
If you've missed your big family holiday abroad, or that solo Europe trip you'd been planning for years, never fear - regional Victoria is here!

See what beautiful destinations are waiting to be discovered. From world-class coastlines to outback expeditions and food, glorious food.

Hiking fanatics, art enthusiasts, foodies, and animal lovers - no matter what category you fall into - there's something for everyone to enjoy on Victoria's open road.

If you're itching to get on a plane and go somewhere far, far away, the best thing you can do is get vaccinated. To book your appointment, visit the coronavirus website. 

Mornington Peninsula's 3 Farmers and a Chef

The 3 Farmers and a Chef series will take you on a tantalising culinary journey across the beautiful Mornington Peninsula.

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Exploring art in regional Victoria

Regional Victoria is filled with talented artists and creators. We've put together a list of regional art galleries you can explore both in real life and online.

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