Art of the Impossible - Building Reckoning

Behind the scenes look at the making of RECKŌNING “Te Waiata Paihere Wairua -The Sounds of Woven Souls”.

Fringe 2020 - Art of the Impossible

This documentary celebrates the highlights of a Festival that took an impossible situation and turned it on its head. 

1 hour

Behind the scenes look at the making of RECKŌNING  “Te Waiata Paihere Wairua -The Sounds of Woven Souls”.

Featuring interviews with creators Samuel Gaskin and Johnny Hamilton as well as behind-the-scenes footage and highlights of the lead-up to and recording of the show at Hamer Hall for Melbourne Fringe. 


Created by Samuel Gaskin and Johnny Hamilton. BTS and interview footage captured by Pride Productions. 



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