Art of the Impossible - Jude Perl's Greatest Hits

Jude is singing her 'greatest hits' with stories weaved in between songs. It's a relaxed and fun show touching on themes around not fitting in at school, discovering anxiety, and romance.

Fringe 2020 - Art of the Impossible

This documentary celebrates the highlights of a Festival that took an impossible situation and turned it on its head. 

90 minutes

Fusing her award-winning songwriting with hilarious storytelling, endearing social commentary with musical absurdity, Jude Perl performs as many of her mental health bangers that she can fit into one hour.

Having established themselves as a comedian who presents “hilarious and painfully spot-on observations” (The Plus Ones) mixed with undeniably catchy songs, Jude Perl discusses everything from share house living to school crushes to stomach issues to meerkats.

A fun celebration of stream of consciousness lyrics with extravagant awkwardness.  

Jude has written and performed five solo comedy shows since 2015. She performed a trial run of her sixth solo show 'Puffy Jacket' to an audience of 15 people two days before the comedy festival was cancelled, and is looking forward to performing to a live audience again once she has completed every single jigsaw puzzle in the southern hemisphere. 

Winner of 4 Green Room Awards 

Winner of Best Cabaret Melbourne Fringe 2018 


Written and performed by Jude Perl, presented by Melbourne Fringe and Arts Centre Melbourne.



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