Fringe 2020 - Art of the Impossible

This documentary celebrates the highlights of a Festival that took an impossible situation and turned it on its head. 

The image shows a theatre full of people at Hamer Hall in Melbourne. The room is dark with purple backlighting, and the curtains on stage are drawn with big Melbourne Fringe logos shining onto the curtains.
This content contains coarse language and is suitable for people over the age of 18. User discretion is advised.

In November 2020, Melbourne Fringe created history with a ground-breaking Festival in the midst of a global pandemic.

For 2.5 weeks, over 2,000 artists defied all odds, presenting 263 digital and face-to-face events at the Melbourne Fringe Festival, to make a powerful statement that art matters. 

This series will take you behind the curtain of some of the festival's great performances - with interviews, live recordings, and behind-the-scenes footage from Melbourne Fringe Festival 2020.

In this video

See behind-the-scenes footage, interviews with Melbourne Fringe’s Creative Director and CEO, Simon Abrahams, and performances from The Merindas, Reuben Kaye, Shiralee Hood, and more.


Featuring artists: The Merindas, Tash York, Vidya Makan, Inkrewsive Hip Hop, Reuben Kaye, Annie Louey, Shiralee Hood.

Produced by Danny Delahunty and Will Dawson, edited by Ross Calia.

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