Victoria’s Dream Ice Cream – As Voted By You!

Rhiannon James

Waffle cones at the ready everyone, we’ve got a huge scoop of recommendations to share!

Ten ice creams are laid out on a white background. They all have waffle cones and there are berries scattered among them.
11 Nov 2021
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16 Nov 2021
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Rhiannon James

To all those feeling ready for summer and the challenge of eating an ice cream before it melts down your arm. To every loud and proud lover of sorbet on a cold day. We asked, where do you go for the very best ice cream or gelato in Victoria?

We put the call-out on social media to find out where you turn for your fix of frozen whipped goodness.

Waffle cones at the ready everyone – we’ve got a huge scoop of recommendations to share!

Timboon Fine Ice Cream, Timboon

White cups of different flavour ice cream is laid out neatly with wooden scoops
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Timboon Fine Ice Cream has earned a place in Victoria’s hearts. If you visit, you’ll find 24 delicious reasons why. Along with the usual line-up, their menu of 24 ice cream flavours includes unusual delights such as lime and coconut, apple pie and whisky cream.

This ice creamery prides itself on making luxury ice cream with ‘an unmistakeable creamy smoothness’. For those wondering what makes ice cream ‘luxury’ ice cream, we point you to the fact that Timboon Fine Ice Cream uses milk fresh from their neighbour’s farm and cream fresh from their local dairies. Mmmm, local.  

Whatever the reason, you folks clearly love having a little lick of luxury because Timboon Fine Ice Cream earned an overwhelming number of recommendations!

If you’re planning a Great Ocean Road trip, treat yourself to a detour into Timboon for a taste, or tantalise yourself by heading over to their website and Facebook to drool and daydream about it instead!

The Scandinavian Ice Cream Company, Queenscliff

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Those who struggle with decisions, you might want to start planning your flavour combo now, because The Scandinavian Ice Cream Company offers a whopping 48 flavours. Just to throw another delicious spanner into the works, their customers also rave about all the cone options available. That’s right people: flavoured cones.

This family-owned business has been proudly furnishing Queenscliff locals and visitors with ice cream-induced moustaches since 1984, and with its historic seaside surroundings and late opening hours on the weekend, you rated it a must-try.

Check out their website and Facebook to get the scoop.

Miinot Gelato, Pascoe Vale South

Two white tubs of ice cream sit on a black counter. They have squiggly faces drawn on them.
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This authentic artisan gelateria got a whole lot of love from voters, and with its unique and imaginative flavours, it’s easy to see why.

Their cups are cute, their store is chic and their vegan flavours are inspired enough to tempt even the most dedicated dairy-drinkers.

Miinot Gelato changes its flavours every day, so you’ll never get tired of going. Expect something for every mood, from comfort food flavours like Caramel & Pear Crumble to decadent delights like Secret Agent’s Amaretto, Dark Chocolate & Amarena Cherries.

If you’re looking for something beautiful to brighten up your day, head over to their Facebook  for photos and videos showing the day’s featured flavours, but be warned – we found watching them as addictive as you seem to find Miinot Gelato’s flavours!  

Gundowring Finest Ice Cream, Gundowring

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Gundowring Finest Ice Cream has earned a place among Victoria’s favourites.

If the fact that the ice cream has won awards hasn't already sent you heading for the Gundowring hills with your cone at the ready, we challenge you to watch the video on their website and not plan a trip!

Showing their farm’s Holstein cows where they get their milk, and all the locally grown fruit, nuts and honey they use to flavour their products, this video had us craving ice cream with a generous helping of rural Victoria! 


We got so many suggestions for Victoria’s best ice cream or gelato, and while we can’t eat – sorry, write about – every single one, we do have some honourable mentions to bulk out your bucket list:

Williamstown Ice Cream Shoppe is a firm favourite. They even serve Doggie Ice Cream so your pup can get their paws on a tub too!

For many of you, Dooley's Ice Cream in Apollo Bay is the very best place for a scoop or two, and “they have the gazillion awards to prove it!” as one Facebook voter said.

Augustus Gelatery is all about bright, fun stores and a staff that takes authentic artisan Italian gelato very seriously. It’s a winning combination according to many of the Vic voters!

Gelatina in Rutherglen was hailed for its many yummy flavours, and the giant gelato they put outside is just begging to feature in this summer’s profile picture!  

Topolino Gelateria in Wodonga serves up classic and limited edition scoops from a cute container shop decorated in retro pastel shades.

If you’re looking for even more recommendations, be sure to check out our Facebook post for the full list!